The quest for redefining the polymath will be elaborated on through Ians’ personal experience and unique perspective on a variety of subjects.

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Are you a Polymath?
02:55 Defining the Expert.
06:10 The Why Behind the Practice.
09:00 Ians’ Magic Hat
11:40 Ians’ System of Justifying: “Why be a Generalist?”
16:30 Youtube: A Hierarchy of Trolls
18:53 Awareness & Intention
22:20 Evaluating Your Practice
23:30 Superman Vs Spiderman Vs Wolvering Vs Ironman Vs..
24:38 Creating and Maintaining Friendships
28:40 On Making Appointments With Yourself And Others
30:25 Humanizing the Virtual
31:55 Love is All About Giving And Receiving
33:05 Further Thoughts

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