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The elegant simplicity of Jordan’s approach to movement is apparent yet often overlooked and can be summarized in 2 overarching principles:
Hard work & Enjoying the process.

00:00 Intro
01:50 How it all started
02:15 Evolving into Movement (Synopsis)
03:05 Evolving into Movement (A deeper look)
04:25 The Chinese Approach
04:55 The Lifestyle of a Mover
05:55 Self-Imposed Evolutionary Pressure
06:45 Shyness Ruins Opportunities
08:22 Decencies Of Life
09:28 Striving for Zenith Moments of Being
10:55 Enjoying the Process
13:05 How to Get Really Good at ANYTHING
14:30 Which Skills are you Working toward at the Moment?
15:05 A Pole Dancing Interlude
16:05 How can people get in touch with you?
16:35 Trolls Are Everywhere (Wrap-Up)

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