For anyone who thinks this project is unhealthy, unnatural, retarded, useless, etc.. you might be right. And you’re completely entitled to your opinion.. just don’t share it with others. This is the way I see it:

If you have not tried something, your opinion is not based on experience (you have not risked anything to support your opinion) and as such you’re not in a position to judge it or share your opinion about it with others. Sharing unfounded opinions will only work to dissuade people from doing what you haven’t had the courage to experiment with.

Now for those of you that want to try it here is what I suggest.

1) You need a plan!
Just because you “promised” yourself you’ll wake up early for the next 30 days and told everyone you know about it doesn’t mean you’ll follow through. Actually, telling everyone you know about your goal will make it less likely that you succeed. This is something NYU psychology professor Peter Gollwitzer has been studying this since his 1982 book “Symbolic Self-Completion” and has further expanded upon in this article.

2) You need a reason!
This is also something Ido Portal talks about:  “Practicing for Exposure VS Exposing Your Practice”.
If you’re doing it to show off to others and prove what a badass you are, your validation-seeking Ego will be rewarded when “others” like your pictures, share your posts, and give you the metaphorical “pat on the bum”. And though your sense of self-worth might temporarily go up as you receive the warm approval of your “fans”, this is an unsustainable source of motivation. You need a reason that is independent of others. It’s is always easier to achieve goals when you have strong social ties with like minded people that support and join you in your pursuits, but should always be prepared to go it alone.
Practice for the right reasons and only then expose your practice.

3) You need to measure your progress! What gets measured, gets done! But be practical and be specific!
“I want to get up early” is too vague.
“I want to get up at 05.30AM” is too restricting.
“I want to get up before 07.00AM” this isn’t practical. Lacks specificity.
“I want to get up between Time X and Time Y”.. is a much more practical approach.
Also notice that waking up and getting up are two different things. I can wake up at 04:30AM, stay in bed and read a book for 1 hour, shake off that morning mindfog and then get up. Once I get up, I stay up (i.e. Out of bed!).

I measure my progress/journey by taking a picture of my wristwatch every morning when I’m actually out of bed. If you take a picture of your wristwatch when you wake up, post it on social media and then go back to sleep…you’re not cheating us, you’re cheating you.

So make sure you:
1) Have a plan!
2) Have a reason that’s independent of others!
3) Have a specific and practical way to measure and monitor your progress!


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Eat, Move, Play!