From The Library of Juggling:

“The Library of Juggling is an attempt to list all of the popular (and perhaps not so popular) juggling tricks in one organized place. Despite the growing popularity of juggling, few websites are dedicated to collecting and archiving the various patterns that are being performed. The goal of this website is to guarantee that the tricks currently circulating around the internet and at juggling conventions are found, animated, and cataloged for the world to see. It is a daunting task, but for the sake of jugglers everywhere it must be done.”

The awesome thing about this website is that they systematized the different patterns according the level of difficulty.
In this post I recorded myself performing all 7 tricks of the easiest level..

Level 2 (Part I):

  1. Cascade
  2. The W
  3. 423
  4. Juggler’s Tennis

Till next time..

Eat, Move, Play!