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Wizards with mantic powers unleash a torrent of words that falls somewhere between rapping and a jeremiad with a beat,
As the surging crowds clamored for glamour at 10,000 miles an hour their presumptuous sedition a malicious trick or treat.
Corpulent, self-important pet in charge of nothing, martinet, to the firmament above your demise will be joy
Slide, slip, crawl,slither creep, slink, squirm, wriggle like a liquid sweet potato drizzle toy
Let the Rain or snow flakes that evaporate before hitting the ground
wash the pain n hurt of yesterday  deep into the sound
of mellifluous libretto, like butter in a pan,
playin’ it by ear,  wingin’ it like java man.
lost in the seven seas of Japan in a catamaran of tranquility
Seeing the futility of versatility you decided to remove all unpredictability
from life and what you are now left with is the inevitability of strife and discord
where all you can afford is a ticket to the Theater of the Absurd
Words slurred, lines blurred, reality vegetable, my voice remains unheard
Actions intentional, Fortitude intestinal, recurring decimal point. made, I am not, therefore ignore, joint blazed,
I am not, your whore in this world maze,
inconsistent because to lie nowadays pays.
So like any stupid human eating tuna with cumin
listening to muted music with a cigar fumin’ Cuban,
I decided to distance my self from the rest of you.
the resistance of elves is tried and true, I know because I’m the Australian Santa
Could it be water, or was it only the mirage—the Fata Morgana?
I guess you’ll never know, and to be honest, it doesn’t really matter
because if there is one thing that’s true its that death you cannot flatter.
We are all gonna die, it’s just a matter of when, and when is not really important
if you can’t die with a grin. So fuck you, you suit wearing monkeys, Approval junkies
working a job you hate 5 days a week to binge on Saturdays and Sundays.
To buy shit you don’t need, with money you don’t have.
I be wanting to bitch-slap you like I be mad. But…This is getting negative.
I have been told that my style of communication can sometimes come across as argumentative.
But that was not my intention. So I apologize if I hurt your feelings.
We are not extraterrestrial but human beings. We have error built in our DNA.
So forgive me in advance for what I say,  silver gray shadow play.
Are you confused? Are you convinced?
I suggest you run away before your ego gets abused and minced…
No point hiding it.. I saw you winced…
Just go.. nobody will know… I wont tell anyone how you kissed my dick under a mistletoe.
Ho ho ho.. your mamas nickname.. Mary Mistress.. Ego Fear Games.
Remember what Tyson did to Holyfield.
My rhyme hit your existence reeled.
For what is coming next will vex and perplex
there will even be a visceral reactive reflex to reject
what’s written in my sacred text. As you can see
I’m feeling kind restless,  I know you feelin’ it,
I know cause I’m infectious( like a disease )
beautifully contagious. Flying out of your voracious spacious anus
farts coming out like smelly secret agents aimless
lacking the patience to succeed
Without pain and sweat your demise is guaranteed
You cannot follow if you cannot lead, but to lead you first need to be led
Submit to another, a surrogate mother may feel as if your heart bled
for hours and hours and hours and hours..red marmalade spread on some bread.
So the moral of this story is if your think your rhyming is boring it’s really cause you have not tried.
Confined in purgatory you will always be sorry you’ve never met your Jekyll and Hyde.
So embrace multiplicity and fuck authenticity. The idea of a singular self
And never forget that being lost in oblivion may be better than asking for help.