I’ve always wondered how the hell certain people are able to read 100 books a year (that’s like 2 books per week!!!) or even 50 books a year.

In the summer of 2014 I created a list of subjects I wanted to know more about. Philosophy, economics, business, persuasion, etc.
I then went to my university library and found around 30 books I wanted to read over the course of the summer (May-August).
That’s 7-8 books per month for the next 4 months. If I reached 80% of my goal of reading 30 books in 4 months, that would be about 1.5 books per week. Very doable, right?

Not really.

Some books I could read at a consistent pace, get into my flow and finish them in about a week. Those were fiction novels.
Some of them I would read at a reasonable pace, reach a plateau at times (when the subject did not interest me that much) and at other times I would just devour the book like it was nothing (when the subject got interesting for me again). Those were “how to” books and non-fiction books.

And then came the books I would really struggle with. They would start slow, I would then gain some momentum, and just when I felt I was getting the hang of it, I would find myself reading the same sentence 15 times, breaking it down in 5 different ways and sometimes I would have to call my philosopher buddy to dumb it down so much and I would STILL not get it. Philosophy books.

Needless to say.. I didn’t reach my 80% goal. I think I read 4 books and bits and pieces of the remaining 26.
So if you’re able to read 100 books in 1 year, you’re either a savant, a validation-seeking bullshitter, a marketing expert OR you’re reading the same kind of books over and over again. (For example, self-help books will have the same idea rehashed in a different way. Same with business books.)
Fast-forward 2 years. Now, I am pretty certain that it is very possible to read 3 books per Month (not per week) if you implement the right strategy. Using AOAS to monitor my progress, I will attempt for the month of February to read 3 books.

These are the rules:

  1. Read 3 books by February 29th.
  2. Book#1 must be about something I’m generally interested in.
  3. Book#2 must be an easy-to-read novel in a foreign language.
  4. Book#3 must be a book that’s related to my work or something I’m very passionate about.
  5. I must read 10 pages from each book per day.
  6. If I don’t read all 3 books by February 29th…I shave my beard. (Consequences keep me accountable)

And so without further ado, the 3 books that will define the future of my beard are:

Book 1:


Book 2:




Book 3:



Let the games begin!

Till next time..