For the past 5 days I’ve been waking up and getting up between 04:30AM and 05:30AM.
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Saturday morning I got up at 05:27AM after a 10hour nap. Feeling energized and refreshed after a week of painfully adjusting to my morning project, I decided to finally check out the Capoeira Angola School Jangada near Eberswalderstrasse.
The first time I visited the place, I showed up and there was no class. They forgot to update their website and so their class schedule was outdated. That was a month ago. The Saturday class was supposed to start at 08:00AM.
I showed up 10 minutes earlier. I waited till about 08:20AM. Nobody showed up.  Strike two.

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Everything seems to be closed at 08.30AM on a Saturday. Strange.
Eventually, I met a semi-drunk German couple that told me about a nice little cafe called Manolo Cafe next to Ubahn Eberswalderstrasse. Here are some pictures:



I rang up Jasmin, told her where I was and what I was up to. With nothing to do so early in the morning, bored out of her mind alone at home, she agreed to meet me at Manolo Cafe.  About 1 hour later she joined me for a Spinach Quiche breakfast.DSC06061 DSC06063

I had a class with at Gleisdreieck Park at 11:00AM. After the class, Jasmin came with her longboard, cruised around for a while before going back home. Jasmin has a long night ahead of her tonight. A 50km overnight walk through the woods in preparation for the 100km 24hour Mammutmarsch!!


DSC06066 DSC06068


At around 01:00 AM I receive a call from Jasmin. Her knee hurts. It’s been giving her trouble since the beginning of the race.
I told her that if it’s pain and not just discomfort she might want to consider coming back home. She decided that calling it a night at 25km was the right thing to do. I decided I was going to stay up and wait for her. Found an AMAZING movie (Point Break), turned on the projector, grabbed a beer and pressed play.

Jasmin arrives at 02:50AM, the second the movie ended. Perfect timing! Fifteen minutes later we were ready for bed. I look at the time and I thought to myself.. there is no way in hell I’m getting up between 04.30AM and 05:30AM. So I decided to take a picture of the time I went to bed instead.

When we finally got up in the morning at around 09:00AM, we ate breakfast, took care of some business, and I started preparing Lasagna. I was teasing an Italian colleague of mine that if we had a lasagna competition my non-italian lasagna would definitely win over hers. Well, what started as a bit of teasing between two people ended up in a proper lasagna party with 10 people and 3 Lasagnas (one with meat, one vegetarian and one vegan!!). The Lasagna party was scheduled for 18:00PM.




At around 15:30PM we went to a Tiramisu Competition near Frankfurter Allee.


Never in my life did I eat a pastry that was so heavy on the stomach. Definitely not my kind of desert.