I must admit I had no idea that living in Doha would be so much fun. It’s not that the city itself is playful. The city is quite boring to say the least. But the people I’ve been hanging out and working with have made my move to the desert totally worth it.

Unfortunately I was too busy doing shit and didn’t take the time to record any of it apart from some dune bashing we did in the desert. So below is a clip of our dune bashing adventure and a short summary list of what happened in the past 3-4 weeks:



The night I arrived I started practicing BJJ with Liam (our martial arts instructor) and realized as we were rolling that I had no sense of where my body was in space (weak link). After about 30minutes of messing around and getting my neck cranked a couple of times I also realized that even if you’re the most hench motherfucker in the world, if you have a skinny weak neck, your strength ain’t worth shit. Needless to say, my neck was sore as fuck for the following 6 days. 13873116_559930440876845_1242965989538173617_n

Never let anyone talk you out of a refusal unless it’s because you’re saying no to JiuJitsu practice. If Liam’s your teacher, saying no to BJJ practice will require very elaborate evasive maneuvers.


Theo and I should never practice new shit together because we have a history of getting each other injured. We practiced jiujitsu and he dislocated his thumb. He tried a throw he learned on youtube and threw me on my back. I landed on my SI joint, which remained bruised for 5 weeks

How did Bedouins survive in the desert? Dates and goat milk. That’s how. I had no idea there were so many types of dates.

Tunisian dates #doha #qatar #dates

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Got bruised shins from kicking bags and/or playing with Liam

First week in Doha. Woke up this morning with bruised shins and no idea how this happened. Good times.

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Ate some sheep brain!

Lamb Head for Dinner

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I made a bet with Theo that I will nail 3 airflares in a row within a year. This year. He doesn’t think I can land 1 airflare.

If I land 3, he buys me a ticket to anywhere in the world. If I don’t I buy him a ticket to Canada. The bet will be called off if I get injured for whatever reason

Started practicing AcroYoga again.

Acroyoga in Doha #acro #acroyoga #Qatar #doha

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Helped out with the DIY Bouldering wall at our villa

Found Cypriot Mahallepi in the Doha!

Started practicing Corde Lisse

#ropeclimbing #cordelisse #training #fitness #adventuresofastoic #OxFitnessLab #oxfitness #movementculture

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Started “heavy” squatting, deadlifting, glute bridging.
My 1RM Squat is 90kg.
My 1RM Deadlift is 110kg.
My 1RM Glute Bridge is 160kg.

160kg (2.35 BW)

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I took my first preworkout in 7 years. That shit works!!!

Got back into GST Training.

Dislocated my left wrist 15 times in 30 days. Old bouldering injury facka-you.

Went for an amazing drive into the desert, with a group of 4x4s over the dunes to the coast and border with Saudi Arabia the other day. Got to go sandboarding across the dunes pulled behind a jeep, eat bbqd kebabs by the coast and swim in the Persian gulf at night with bioluminescent plankton sparkling around us. We then got stranded as the tide came in, had to change cars when ours broke down after snapping it’s radiator getting airborne over a bump, then again when the other car got stuck in the sand, but eventually got home in the early hours.

Sometimes my eyes Are the skiesΒ  Of the desert.. #Qatar #DesertDiaries

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Desert Life #2

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Today we had a work lunch at a 5* hotel – buffet and free bar. I had lobster, oysters, fois gras (just the once) ribs, steak, duck, a load of dessert and about a bottle of champagne.

Bit of fun between classes at OX Fitness Lab yesterday. I expected the shoulder but Liam managed to get the teep. Good way to test kicking stability πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


There was a sandstorm, and we got home to realise the door had been open. Everything is well dusted with extremely fine sand. Everything. #desertproblems